Organic Baby Food and Pesticides

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Organic baby food is preferred by most experts as the best thing you can feed your babies because of one thing – it is free of chemical pesticide residues. Fruits and vegetables are the first major components of a baby's diet other than the mother's milk. When the baby acquires the ability to start munching on solid food it is very typical that he be given soup made up of crushed and liquefied fruits and vegetables or cereal. Many moms however are unaware that feeding such things with the hope of nourishing their child might cause more harm than good. This is because conventional baby food is normally filled with different kinds of chemical residues from pesticides.

Organic baby food is produced without any pesticide use. Pesticides are integral on industrial farms because they help reduce the amount in the price tags of the produce by reducing the damage the crops can possibly receive from pests. Less damage means more profit for the farmer and therefore less pressure to price high. The said pesticides are however full of a wide array of synthetic substances that are mostly toxic. Some of these toxic substances get absorbed by the plants through their leaves, roots, and other parts of their bodies. The toxins then get passed to the produce of the said plants. And the produce then passes the toxins to whoever consumes them.

Organic baby food can save your child from the different dangers that may result from the intake of pesticide residues. Some of the health problems toxic substances can cause cancer, lung disease, reproductive ailments, endocrine system disorders, and immune system malfunctions. Damage is not limited only to physical defects on the child. The intake of pesticide residues may also lead to different psychological problems caused when the toxins are able to cause lasting damage on the brain cells. Disrupted growth of brain cells may lead to complications in the nervous system as well as learning disabilities. It can also cause behavioral problems when your child grows up. Pesticide residues will contaminate the developing body of your child. They can cause immediate harm to the baby. And they can also cause problems that will only become evident in the future.

Pesticide residues can also build up in the body of your child after continuous exposure. They may end up blocking the passageways of nutrients which can lead to some parts of your child's body being undernourished. So feed your infant Organic Baby Food now to help ensure he grows up to be a healthy individual.