Stress Relief – Fuel Up and Eat a Healthy Breakfast

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What is the price of your body fuel at breakfast?

Are you loading up on caffeine and sugar, when you stop for those 16 ounces of coffee and a large glazed donut for your breakfast, as your drive to work? This type of breakfast is very poor quality fuel for your body and adds a great deal of stress to it as well.

You know that you have got to keep pumping in more caffeine and sugar just to keep going through the morning or you will just fizzle out altogether. This type of routine will leave you jittery, tense and very irritable. You will notice you are even more vulnerable to stressful feelings as well.

On the other hand skipping breakfast altogether is monumentally worse. Why do you want to start a perfectly great day at a distinct disadvantage? You should not make yourself feel empty inside.

This only opens you to eating more poor quality fuel.

This idea will increase your chances to self-sabotage your successes and decrease your self- confidence. You multiply your stress levels and you will feel like you are swimming up stream.

Your general health will decrease and you will lapse into dis-ease and illness.

Be a friend to yourself and start to eat a solid breakfast. Now if this is new to you or you do not want to take the time, please be good to yourself and make time.

Start out small and slow, try a high-protein cereal, oatmeal will do, add some fresh fruit and top with skim milk.

Plan your morning to get up a few minutes earlier to prepare and eat your meal. Oh yes, sit down at the table and eat; you will have the temptation to stand at the counter to eat and run.

This will give you great quality fuel in a steady flow to give you energy for hours.

As you get used to eating breakfast and becoming more creative in your meal planning, you will start to really enjoy your breakfast time.

The weekend mornings will be an added adventure in planning nourishing breakfasts. You can plan meals that are a little more elaborate or a bit larger in quantity. Be sure to have high-protein foods and some fresh fruit, avoid the sugary sticky buns that will never stick to anything but your hips.

Remember, you are a high performance machine that does highly effective performance work, put peak performance fuel into your body. Your body will work right for you for years to come and you will increase your self-confidence and happiness too. All this is stress reducing using natural solutions.