7 Sure-Fire Mistakes That Stall Your Weight Loss

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When it comes to fitness for weight loss, people often make very costly mistakes. These mistakes can cost them time, money and their results. There are seven common mistakes that make fitness for weight loss ineffective.

Mistake #1- Doing nothing- specific and consistent action is required for your fitness. Doing nothing will only make matters worse and make you fatter quicker. Any exercise is better than none and you never regret a workout! You always regret skipping one. There’s no time to waste, improve now!

Mistake #2- Thinking treadmills are the solution- while it’s good to be active, many people don’t burn fat from treadmills. They exert minimal effort instead of working in their heart rate zone. In fact, according to research from the journal of obesity, men and women who participated in 300 hours of treadmill cardio over the course of a year only lost an average of 5 pounds! Change up the cardio by training circuit style and adding weights.

Mistake #3- Giving up too early- giving up allows your old, unhealthy habits to win and further negatively impact you. If you’re persistent, you will get it. If you’re consistent, you will keep it. Consistency overtime equals results!

Mistake #4- Not contacting a trainer for help- many times the trainer is able to help resolve the problem and create a specifically tailored program so that everyone wins. They don’t want your progress halted any more than you do.

Mistake #5- Not watching your nutrition habits- nutrition accounts for 80% of your weight loss success. Failing to eat portioned proteins, carbs and fat contribute to weight gain. Have all three with every meal! You’ll be fuller for longer and that’ll deter overeating.

Mistake #6- Waiting too long to take required action- while getting to your goal weight takes time, the best thing to do is implement quickly to reverse signs of coronary artery disease and improve habits! Get going and right the wrongs of the past.

Mistake #7-Not being realistic with their goal- for most people, they want an instant transformation and become frustrated when they aren’t progressing as quick as they want. This increases drop off. Be realistic and realize it’s a process. You are undoing your unhealthy habits and forming new, favorable ones. That takes time so stick with it and know it’s a lifestyle change, not just a quick fix. This will better prepare you for seeing results.

Now that you know the mistakes, how many of them are you making? Do you need help with weight loss? Be sure to get a personalized weight loss program and set your fitness results on fire!